Specializing in 3-D Tattooing

Often the process of being diagnosed with breast cancer is regimented due to the critical nature of saving your life. However, due to the methodical process of surgery, chemotherapy, and reconstruction; many patients get caught up in appointment after appointment with a goal in sight of being cancer free and sometimes the thought of aesthetics gets put low on the list of priorities.

Mastectomy patients have non-surgical options for reconstructing the nipples. There are a few things that should be considered when opting for nipple reconstruction. We enjoy having a comfortable, educational meeting about the benefits of nipple and areola 3-D tattooing. If you choose a surgical option for nipple reconstruction, you still have a tattoo procedure to complete the areola around your new nipple. Let a licensed professional artist assist you with your size, shape and color choice versus a medical professional. The art of tattooing is done in a clean, safe, and aseptic environment with private rooms for your comfort instead of a medical/clinic feel.

Dave Lukeson has been tattooing for almost 19 years and has created beautifully the look of the nipple and areola on survivors over the years. It wasn't until recently when a client of his came to him and told him she was recently diagnosed and underwent a double mastectomy. It was in that moment he realized in speaking to her that many women do not realize the options they have. They go along with their surgeon, who is equally uneducated on the artistic method and benefits to their patients with 3-D tattooing. We are proud supporters of Beyond Boobs! and love seeing these women flourish and beat cancer while falling in love with their bodies again.

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